How to Get Better Score for Your Physical Science on MCAT?

The MCAT – Medical College Admission Test is applicable for prospective Physician. It’s an essential requirement of all the Medical Colleges in US. This test is designed to estimate the competency of students for the medical institutes.

The standardized MCAT test plays very important part in the lives of aspirants as it decides their future. Though, this intriguing exam proves quite counter challenging even for a diligent and assiduous student.

Test Format

To get better scores in Physical Science section, it is mandatory for a candidate to know the format of the paper. It is accessible both online and on paper. Simply the cramming of books can’t help in this test. You have to centre on the criteria in which the questions are being asked.

Competition is High

It’s a highly competitive test as almost 70,000 aspirants appear in the test. And their quantity is being increases periodically. The MCAT test is of 5 hours. It is divided into two parts: Multiple choice questions and the other is writing section, though writing section is no longer accorded in MCAT.

Physical Science Section

The first section of MCAT is of Physical Science. It covers two subjects: Physics and Chemistry. This section is comprised of 77 multiple choice questions. To attempt this part completely means that you must have full grip on Chemistry and Physics.

Focus on Chemistry

In Chemistry, your focus must be on the periodic table, the bonding, acid and base, Thermo chemistry, Electrochemistry, electronic structure; these concepts must be crystal clear in your mind without any ambiguity.

Focus on Physics

In Physics, sound, waves, work, energy, fluid, solid, force, motion, law of Gravity, electromagnetism, and atomic structure, these natural laws must be concentrated. In this section, fractions are a good choice over decimals. Concepts, formulas, calculations and experiments of both Chemistry and Physics must be on your hand tips. An accurate course introduction is available on Wiki Premed.

Online Preparations

Study material, test preparatory notes, practice test provided by Kaplan, Tutor Nation and Sylvan are of immense support.

Tips to Score High

Remember there is a lot of material to cover. Starting earlier can also reduce your stress level.

Preparatory classes are of great help in the improvement of Physical Science scores.

Start your preparation beforehand

Make a study plan of at least 3 to 4 hours a day

Study on a regular basis, don’t let go a single day useless.

Time management is very important.

Absorb your learning with a proper mental attitude.

Practicing test also cut down your strains and builds your confidence.

Don’t focus on memorization. Focus on clearing your concepts, firstly the basic one and then the intensive one.

Employ a private instructor

Teaching others can help you out a good deal.

Under the supervision of a tutor, you can understand your weaknesses and in teaching others, you can get the hang of your preparations.

Technicality of Questions

Don’t forget that the questions given in MCAT are often much technical to understand. The answer is simple but to interpret the question is the arduous task and the accurate understanding of it holds your caliber.

Most of the time it’s your interest and sincerity which leads you to your goal and sometimes it depends on your teacher’s way of teaching and his/her proficiency in the subject that makes a way for you to a Medical College.