How to Pass HSPT with Excellent Score? Great Facts You Would Love to Know about

The HSPT exam (High School Placement Test) was first administered in 1989. It has been designed to evaluate the proficiency of the students for a particular campaign. Their performance in this test decides that from which institute a student will achieve his/her degree.

Find below four different skills which are supposed to be examined in a HSPT test.


Reading Comprehension



A test taker has to be mastered in these four variant fields. The students in 8th grade who aim to take admission in Catholic High Schools have to take this HSPT test. To achieve their target, students and parents have to go through a tough competition in the incarnation of HSPT.

Initially, an examinee has to check the requirements of the school which he/she intends to join. Student is supposed to check the eligibility criteria, the grades they require for the admission as it varies from school to school.

Prefer Joining a Class or Group for Preparation

A student must work out about studying individually or in a group. He/she must get himself/herself recruited in an Online HSPT preparatory class. These online forums are of the greatest help. All the study material, notes, books, practices, discussions, tools help a student in his/her preparations.

Spend More Time on Part which Needs Improvement

Libraries can also play an accommodating role in the grooming of a student for HSPT test. Practice test allows you to see your own worth. Try them on daily bases, you might obtain low scores in early few days while practicing these tests but you must grip on it in a few weeks. One must be aware of the skills that are to be measured by the educational board. Spend more time on the domains which need improvements.

Study guides and practice tests are the key for qualifying in the HSPT. The knowledge acquired in the earlier academic life helps in HSPT. All the important concepts and mathematical formulas must be thoroughly ensured.

How to Attempt the Test

Passing a High School Placement Test in good scores requires from a student to answer every question asked in the paper. Even, if the test taker is not sure of the answer, still he/she must answer to it. In HSPT test every single point counts so if the guesses made by the student may prove right in the section of multiple choice question, it would count in his/her mark sheet. It’s a better option than not answering the question at all. Another thing is to provide logical explanation to every question. This can get good marks as compared to the answers without ordered reasoning.

Format of Test Results – Calculation of Scores

The passing marks are determined by the Board of Education of the state. There is no specific passing score which are mentioned by the different schools as their admission criteria differs from each other. This test is issued in two forms: Open form and Closed form, usually the 90% marks are considered as the superior or highest scores, marks above 80% are reckoned as above average, 70% or lower than that are average or below average.

Evaluation of Your Skills

This test evaluates the basic as well as the cognitive skills of a student and if you are the aspirant and you want yourself to be the part of that prestigious institute then your general knowledge, fundamental and advance skills must be much better than the other aspirants.

For more guidance contact a Catholic High School for the systems of measurement in HSPT test. Their counseling may prove cooperative.

The authentic names in the market are Kaplan, Barron, and Peterson and the material provided by them for HSPT preparation are equally reliable. Scoring high in HSPT test is not an arduous task at all. The proper time table, study planning, a sound guidance, the exuberance, and the hard work can make it easy for a student to qualify for an esteemed and his ideal Catholic or private school.