Is Cosmetology A Good Career?

Cosmetology is a wonderful career for creative, entrepreneurial-minded people. It also has stability (people will always want to look good) and many opportunities for growth. In fact, cosmetology is one of the few career industries that usually doesn’t slow down if the economy takes a dive. Even during bad economic times, people still want to look good, so they keep coming to beauty professionals like cosmetologists. The cosmetology industry is expected to increase by 14 percent between 2010 and 2020.

Besides a lot of job satisfaction in making other people happy and getting to be creative, cosmetology has some other excellent benefits as a career. You can get a flexible schedule, the opportunity to socialize with a lot of people, a happy work environment, and even the ability to work for yourself if you choose. You can also specialize in the area you like best.

Specialization areas in cosmetology include:


Skin care


Makeup application

The Importance of a Cosmetology Education

The most important aspect to a career in cosmetology, other than having an interest in it, is to get proper training. Fortunately, there are a lot of educational opportunities for cosmetologists in the United States. While there are literally hundreds of beauty schools in this country, the top cosmetology colleges with the best reputations will offer the best career opportunities. People always want to work with the pros, and a top cosmetology school will make you one of them.

Cosmetology Offers Flexibility and Fun

Cosmetologists can earn as much as they want. The more they work, the more they earn. You can choose to work in a salon, to work on commissions or for a salary, or to open your own shop. However, the amount of work you perform will always translate into the numbers you see on your paycheck. This allows you to plan to work to make the income you want or need to reach your financial goals with ease.

Further, you can do your work in any place in the nation. This literally means any town or city anywhere. There is always a need for cosmetologists. Some places have more competitive conditions than others. If there are a lot of cosmetologists in town, you’ll have to be the best and make yourself stand out from the crowd to get business. In smaller areas with fewer or even no cosmetologists, you can get a practical monopoly on the business and everyone in town will come to you for their beauty needs.

You can live anywhere in the country that appeals to you and still find work.

Just be aware that you have to be licensed as a cosmetologist in the state in which you practice, and each state has different licensing requirements. Your cosmetology or hair school will apprise you of the requirements for wherever you’re considering moving, so you can study up on the state exam and get licensed there before or shortly after you move.

Socialization and Social Skills

Another fun aspect of cosmetology is the social aspect of it. You get to work with a lot of different people every day. You’ll soon get to know your regular customers and can carry on conversations with them about their families, work, friends, and anything else going on in their lives. They will probably ask you about the same things going on in your life, too. It can be great to get to know other people like this, and some of them may even become friends outside of the cosmetology area.

You’re also always getting to meet new people. There are new clients continually coming in to get their hair, nails, and makeup done. Social events like weddings, bridal showers, school reunions, family reunions, and more can send people galloping into the cosmetology shop. You may even be asked to go to the event venue in person to help the people there get ready and look their best. There is definitely never a dull moment in cosmetology.

Further, people who work together in cosmetology often become friends. Cosmetology shops are usually quite small, so the people working together there almost become like family to each other. Its wonderful to go in to work every day to a group of people who you know truly care about you.

Cosmetology is a wonderful career for anyone who is creative and likes working with other people. You can go to beauty school anywhere, but it’s better for your career to go to a top school. There are a lot of beauty schools in Atlanta and some of them are among the best in the country. It’s a good location to start from and branch out in your career to anywhere. If you’re interested in cosmetology, it has career opportunities to spare.